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A-Z list of all Information Technology Services available at U of T.

Tools and resources supporting academic activities in the classroom and beyond.

Resources for access to systems, password resets, anti-virus, encryption and security.

Information on available administrative applications and available support.

Resources for applications development and enterprise service architecture model.

E-mail, video/audio conferencing and other communication tools available at U of T.

Resources + support for acquisition, maintenance + disposal of hardware + software.

HelpDesks, Training and Support resources for all central IT services at U of T.

Resources and support for networking, wireless and remote access at U of T.

All policies and guidelines concerning Information Technology at U of T.

PMO resources for assessment, planning, governance and implementation of IT projects.

CROWDMARK: Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading and analytics platform available over the Internet. Crowdmark workflow provides efficiency gains in exam administration, grading, data recording and analysis, returning exams and handling regrade requests, and data visualizations of student performance. Crowdmark is available via the Learning Portal (Blackboard).

Each division of the University has its own policies and practices regarding access to, and use of Crowdmark. The tool is not universally available by default.

Every request for access to the tool, on a course-by-course basis, must be approved by the relevant division.
UTORID PASSWORD RESET SERVICE: This service enables online password reset by using an alternate email or mobile number provided by the user. University of Toronto staff, faculty, students, and alumni must first register for the UTORid Account Recovery Service to enable convenient password reset via alternate email or SMS (text). Users will need to know their UTORid and password to register for this service. Registration is only required once.
UTORGROUPER: UTORGrouper is the Institutional authorization management and provisioning system, with integrations into some Institutional services. UTORGrouper is designed to support delegated role and access management, allowing those best placed to make access control decisions (eg. Business Officer, Project Manager, Divisional and Departmental Staff) to make them directly and have the changes take effect immediately.

The UTORGrouper service also provides architectural support for the use of UTORid / UTORGrouper integration at the Divisional and Departmental levels.

QUERCUS (CANVAS): Quercus is U of T's new learning management engine (LME), powered by Canvas. This new learning and teaching environment replacing the Portal, allows for the integration of other educational technology tools and greater pedagogical flexibility.

As of Aug 31, 2018, the Blackboard Portal will no longer be available and all courses have to be delivered in Quercus.


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