Information Technology Services (ITS)

SecurID Card Usage Policy

The following policy applies to users and departments who use SecurID to gain access to University administrative systems.

SecurID cards will only be issued to authorized users of the University of Toronto administrative computing systems.

User responsibilities

  1. Users are responsible for the safekeeping and protection of their SecurID card.
  2. Users are responsible for keeping their SecurID card Personal Identification Number (PIN) confidential.
  3. Users are responsible for ensuring that their SecurID card is not used by any other individual.
  4. Users are responsible for immediately informing their manager and access control representative when a card is lost or misplaced so that it can be deactivated.
  5. When users transfer to another department, their SecurID card should be handed in to their supervisor. If required, users should request a new SecurID card when they start with their new department.

Departmental responsibilities

  1. Departments are responsible for the replacement cost of all damaged, expired and lost cards.
  2. Departments are responsible for authorizing SecurID card requests for users within the department.
  3. Departments are responsible for immediately notifying computer security administration of any employees who have terminated their employment with the University or have transferred to another department so that the SecurID card can be deactivated. The SecurID card can be reassigned to another employee within the department.