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A-Z list of all Information Technology Services available at U of T.

Tools and resources supporting academic activities in the classroom and beyond.

Resources for access to systems, password resets, anti-virus, encryption and security.

Information on available administrative applications and available support.

Resources for applications development and enterprise service architecture model.

E-mail, video/audio conferencing and other communication tools available at U of T.

Resources + support for acquisition, maintenance + disposal of hardware + software.

HelpDesks, Training and Support resources for all central IT services at U of T.

Resources and support for networking, wireless and remote access at U of T.

All policies and guidelines concerning Information Technology at U of T.

PMO resources for assessment, planning, governance and implementation of IT projects.

STARREZ RESIDENCES (MYRES): This is the place to apply for on-campus housing -- Whether you are a first-year or returner, undergraduate or graduate, single or with a family, U of T St. George, Scarborough or Mississauga student.
  • Confirm interest in residence
  • Rank and save residence choices
  • Indicate special requests
  • Access supplementary applications
  • Check status of residence applications
WEBLOGIN: The University of Toronto weblogin service (UTORweblogin) provides a single place for you to identify yourself to web services within the University.  This is commonly called a "single sign-on" (SSO) system. Once you log in to, you can access services like the Portal and webmail as well as other weblogin-enabled web services.  A single point of login simplifies access to protected services. Users can log in once with a single JOINid/UTORid and password and have access to many services. Service providers can authenticate users without having to maintain their own password systems.
BUSINESS CONTINUITY: The goal of business continuity planning is to enable us to continue the campus “business” (teaching, research, and public service) regardless of any disruption that may befall us.  If a severe disruption renders us unable to continue, our goal must be to resume as much teaching, research, and public service as possible within a very short time – hopefully no more than 30 days. 

The University of Toronto has adopted an on-line business continuity planning tool (originally developed by the University of California at Berkeley) to help your department prepare for adverse events which could be disruptive to your teaching and research mission.
NEXT GENERATION STUDENT INFORMATION SERVICES (NGSIS): NGSIS is an institutional program - its focus on providing next generation services to students, faculty and staff as well as providing the technological infrastructure upon which the educational tools and services of tomorrow can be built.

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